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School Innovations

In addition to opening new schools, Zee Learn aims to improve the education delivery at existing schools through its School Innovations division. We focus on supplemental classes that improve the understanding of children through activity based, hands-on programs.

To this end, we have tied up with Gakken Education Co. (Japan) to offer BrainCafé Science classes in India. This is an integrated eight level concept builder program for students of class I to VIII. The programs shall run in schools as supplement to the regular curriculum and would bring better understanding and appreciation of the world of Science. 

We believe in a multi pronged methodology i.e. "Observe, Explore and Reflect". Experiments on specific themes are demonstrated to students by the trainer which they observe keenly. The students then explore on their own using students kits and reflect their learning and understanding through scientific report writing.

Visit BrainCafé at www.braincafeindia.com


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